Dropping Classes

If you need to drop a class(es) because of medical, family, or personal challenges, take action quickly. The academic calendar lists the deadlines for dropping classes and receiving full or partial refunds.

  • Before or during the first week: Use the “Register & Drop/Add” link in your Student Center to drop a class with no penalty. Your tuition and fees are refunded 100 percent and there is no record of the course on your transcript. You may also use the Drop or Add Classes (through 1st week of classes) app found in One.IU.
  • Second week through midterm: Withdraw from a class by using the Late Drop/Add Classes app on One.IU. The amount of your refund will depend on the date when you withdraw. Your transcript will automatically show a grade of "W" when you withdraw (this does not affect your grade point average). 
  • After the midterm: Withdraw from a class by submitting a schedule adjustment form to the Office of Registrar Services. This form requires a grade of F or W from your instructor, who will mark and sign the form, and the signature of your academic advisor.

How to Register

Thoughtful preparation before you register for undergraduate courses will ensure the best experience.

  • Begin with Step 1 if you are a new IUPUC student
  • Begin with Step 4 if you are a current IUPUC student

STEP 1. Apply for Admission

To become an IUPUC student, please apply for admission. Contact the Office of Admissions & Recruiting at 812.348.7390 or admissions@iupuc.edu if you have questions or need assistance with the application and admission process.

If you have already been admitted, go to the New Student Checklist.

STEP 2. Activate Your IT Accounts

Once you are admitted to IUPUC, you will receive information about activating your IU e-mail, OneIU, and other IT accounts. Go to the university’s Account Management Service and click “Create my first IU computing accounts.” Follow the instructions you find here. Write down your username and passphrase for future reference. You will use them often!

STEP 3. Attend an Orientation Session

If you are a new IUPUC student, you will receive information from University College about new student orientation sessions, which are the best way for you to learn how to register for classes. Orientation sessions for new transfer students are also offered.

  • Even if you are transferring to IUPUC from another IU campus, we encourage you to attend an orientation session.
  • We recommend you schedule to attend an orientation session as soon as possible to ensure optimal availability of classes.

STEP 4. Consult with Your Academic Advisor

Your academic advisor will recommend and suggest courses based on the requirements for your degree program, although you are ultimately responsible for knowing which courses are required for the degree you are pursuing. It is important that you consult with your advisor and faculty in the division offering your degree program frequently so that you remain on track for graduation.

STEP 5. Keep Your Registration Appointment

During the early (priority) registration period, you will be given specific times when you can register. Check your priority registration day and time at One.IU by clicking on the Student Center app. You can register during or at any time after your appointment. If you register during the open registration period shown on the academic calendar, you do not need an appointment. If you do not see the new semester listed when you add classes using the "Enrollment Shopping Cart" in your Student Center, contact the Office of Registrar Services.

STEP 6. Review the Schedule of Classes

The courses offered each semester at IUPUC are posted online in the Schedule of Classes. Use this list to select the classes you want to take, noting the class number and any special instructions or requirements listed. Take this list with you to your advising appointment or consult with your advisor or the division offering the course if you need permission to register.

STEP 7. Monitor Any Holds on Your Record

Be sure there are no academic or financial holds (i.e., any kind of outstanding balance) on your student record that will prevent you from registering. Check your current student records in your Student Center by using the app on One.IU.

STEP 8. Register Online

When all the previous preparation steps are completed, use the Class Registration app in One.IU to load courses into your enrollment shopping cart.

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