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Graduation is not automatic. By taking these steps to prepare for graduation, you will avoid unpleasant surprises. If you take all of these steps in plenty of time, the awarding of your degree will happen in the semester you planned and expected.

Applying for Graduation

When you go online to submit your Graduation Application, the Office of Registrar Services and the Vice Chancellor's Commencement Celebration team know that you are anticipating graduation in the current academic year. Nobody takes action to process your degree or invites you to the IUPUC Commencement Celebration until you complete this step. The celebration is just that; it does not confer your degree. Grads from the previous December and students anticipating a degree in May or August may walk in the ceremony.

Academic Advising

Leave nothing to chance. Ensure that you are taking the right courses and that you are truly on track to graduate. During your next-to-last semester, visit your academic advisor to review your degree completion progress.

Grade Replacements

If you took a course more than one time and want to have the original grade replaced with the newer grade, ask your advisor about submitting a Grade Replacement form to the Office of Registrar Services. Do this as soon as possible after receiving the most recent grade. Forms submitted after degrees have been awarded will not be processed.

Responding to Mail and Email

Staying in touch ensures you will know if there are any changes to plans and you will know what should happen next. Check your university email account for inquiries from your academic advisor, the registrar services office, or the Office of the Vice Chancellor and Dean. Stay informed about all of the events relating to your graduation.

Understand Your Diploma and Transcript Options

Degree processing involves several steps, the timing of which may vary. Read our Diploma Delivery file to learn about diploma delivery timing and how to obtain your official transcript.

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