Fee Assessment
  • If special credit is awarded as a result of credentials or experience, a charge of $20 per credit hour (up to a maximum of $100) will be assessed.
  • If special credit is awarded as a result of an examination to a transfer student during the first term of enrollment* no charges are assessed.
  • If special credit is awarded as a result of an examination to a beginning student during the first two terms of enrollment* no charges are assessed. 
  • All other special credit as a result of an examination will be assessed the current credit hour rate based on your academic program and residency status.

*NOTE: The date used to determine your status is the date the special credit form is processed. Current fees, if appropriate, are charged if the exam was taken during the previous year. Special credit forms expire six months from the date of issue.


Special Credit

If you demonstrate proficiency in a particular subject or academic discipline, you may be able to earn special academic credit.

In some cases, an academic division may allow you to receive course credit based on knowledge or a special skill set you learned through employment or independent study. You are subject to university tuition and fee rates.

Earning Special Credit

  • Contact your academic advisor or the IUPUC division offering your degree program to inquire if special credit is available.
  • If available to you, you will most likely complete an exam or assignment to demonstrate your knowledge.
  • The division may grade your work “A” if deemed outstanding or “S” if satisfactory.
  • If awarded special credit, ensure a special credit form is completed by the division awarding the credit. Completed forms should be submitted to the Office of Registrar Services.
  • The registrar’s office will, in turn, provide a copy of the form to the Office of Bursar Services. The bursar's office will determine if you are subject to university tuition rates and fees for the credit and at what amount.
  • Once the bursar’s office makes this determination and you pay any required fees, submit proof of payment to the registrar's office.
  • When proof of payment is received, the credit will be awarded and added to your academic record.
  • As with any change to your academic record, you will receive a confirmation of the change via U.S. mail.

Any credit awarded through this option will appear on your transcript as “Indiana University Special Credit” with the course information and grade. The credit will not be assigned to a particular semester. The credit will appear as “Indiana University Special Credit” even if you are enrolled in a Purdue University degree program or if the course is offered by the Purdue College of Technology in Columbus.

Some divisions may require that you take additional, more advanced courses in the discipline before awarding introductory or lower-level credit.

In other cases, the division may waive the requirement that you take the course. This means no credit is awarded and you will takes another course(s) to meet the overall degree requirements.

For information, contact the Office of Registrar Services.

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