Deferred (R) Grades

An “R” grade, or a deferred grade, that appears on your semester grade report indicates the nature of the course is such that your work in that course can only be evaluated after two or more terms.

The most common examples of deferred grades include thesis and research courses in which your work is evaluated with the thesis or research is complete.

General Information

  • Deferred grades may be used at the end of a two-term course or an approved course that spans two terms. In these cases, the R grade is appropriate because your work is still in progress. It requires approval of the division offering the course and your willingness to complete both terms of the course before receiving your grade.
  • When you complete the work, your instructor will submit the grade to the Office of Registrar Services either as part of the original roster or through a removal of deferred grade form.
  • If your work is interrupted due to extenuating circumstances, you must make arrangements with the instructor on a term-by-term basis.
  • If you drop the course before the work is complete, the instructor will assign a regular grade.
  • Unlike an I grade for incomplete work, an R will not automatically change to an F after one year if the work is not yet completed.
  • Once your deferred grade is submitted, you will be notified by the Office of Registrar Services about the grade and your updated cumulative grade point average GPA. For this reason, it is important the registrar's office always has your current home address.

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