Framework and Principles

The undergraduate program of study at IUPUC consists of two sets of focused coursework: (1) courses required for the major and (2) courses that complement the major by providing core foundations, breadth of study, and integrated problem-solving, referred to as the "General Education" coursework.

Although undergraduate students often have many choices in the courses they take for the General Education portion of their undergraduate coursework, the courses chosen must address a specific set of required Student Learning Outcomes.  These Student Learning Outcomes reflect the academic mission of IUPUC for expected student intellectual, academic, social, and ethical/moral growth during the program of study and establish a foundation for and an enhancement to coursework in the major.

Framework of Learning Outcomes

The general education courses in which student learning outcomes are embedded comprise a common curriculum that all undergraduates, regardless of program of study, experience as an integral part of earning their bachelor's degrees.

The preliminary work for the general education initiative at IUPUC was carried out by the assurance of learning committee, an ad hoc group appointed by the vice chancellor and dean. The general education board is responsible for oversight of the coursework and expected outcomes. Faculty and staff in each degree program are responsible for integrating the common general education curriculum and  associated student outcomes into the program of study.

Principles for Monitoring General Education

The assurance of learning committee created a working draft of general education student learning outcomes, which were tested and piloted before implementation. The committee also developed principles and procedures to guide academic divisions and faculty through the pilot year as well as oversight of the common curriculum.

In addition, the assurance of learning committee created and refined a list of general education courses that constitutes the available curriculum. This list will change as new courses are developed and existing courses are modified or identified as inappropriate for inclusion in the common curriculum.

  • Academic divisions and faculty in those divisions teaching general education courses at IUPUC are responsible for:
    • Identifying student learning outcomes addressed in their general education courses
    • Assessing effectiveness of those courses in achieving the outcomes
    • Assuring continued alignment of course content and assessment with relevant learning outcomes documented by IUPUC's general education board
  • Academic divisions and faculty teaching general education courses will convey learning outcomes for each course and information pertaining to the assessment of those outcomes to students in course syllabi, to other faculty in the general education program, and to the general education board. Documentation will be completed for each first-time course when that course is certified by IUPUC's general education board as addressing a specific student learning outcome. All information pertaining to maintenance of general education courses and learning outcomes is posted on an Oncourse site to which all full- and part-time faculty have access.
  • The general education board, in accordance with the board charge outlined in the by-laws of IUPUC’s faculty senate, will monitor: 
    • Student learning outcomes as assessed by academic divisions and faculty of those divisions teaching general education courses
    • The alignment of those courses with general education curriculum and learning outcomes
    • The effectiveness of the general education curriculum
  • The purpose of such assessment is exclusively to measure and improve student learning and to ensure the effectiveness of the general education curriculum.
  • Such assessment should be both efficient and feasible.
  • The general education board, with data analysis and data storage support from the Office of Institutional Research, will review and report assessment data to faculty senate.
  • This assessment of the general education curriculum is a cyclical, ongoing process that involves planning, implementation, analysis, review and response. The process will be reviewed annually as a function of the general education board’s report to faculty senate.