Past Recipients
  • 2016: Andrea Gillett, Katherine Wills
  • 2015: Erica Berte, Barbara Hass Jacobus, and Aimee Zoeller
  • 2014: Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick and Jennifer Conner-Zachocki
  • 2013: Rebecca Bartlett Ellis and Allison Howland
  • 2012: Rebecca Bartlett Ellis and Barbara Hass Jacobus
  • 2011: Bill Haeberle and Crystal Walcott
  • 2010: Thomas Clerkin and Aija Pocock
  • 2009: Rodney Lynch and Fredricka Joyner
  • 2008: Gary Felsten and Bill Haeberle
  • 2007: Kathy Compton and Douglas Gardner
  • 2006: Lewis “Terry” Dibble
  • 2005: Judith Spector
  • 2004: James Clack
  • 2003: Debra Winikates
  • 2002: Jay Howard
  • 2001: Gary Felsten

Indiana University Trustees Teaching Award

Indiana University established the Trustees Teaching Awards (TTA) to recognize and enhance excellent teaching at Indiana University, especially at the undergraduate level.

2017 Recipients

The 2017 recipients of the IU Trustees Teaching Award are Deborah Judge and Lisa Siefker Bailey, shown below.

Deborah Judge

Lisa Siefker Bailey

Eligibility & Criteria

Tenured or tenure-track faculty, or full-time lecturers or clinical faculty whose primary duty is teaching, who have demonstrated that they are the best teachers, are eligible. The criteria for the TTA are determined each year by Indiana University, not IUPUC.

The Faculty Annual Review (FAR) timeframe comprises the performance and documentation period for the award. Unlike individual IUPUC faculty awards, it is possible for the same individual to receive the TTA in consecutive years. Divisions are encouraged to nominate the best candidates for the TTA award, regardless of whether that individual won the award in previous years.

For more detailed information, consult the TTA criteria and nomination procedures.

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