Vice Chancellor's Leadership Team

The Vice Chancellor's Leadership Team serves in an advisory capacity to IUPUC's vice chancellor and dean on all matters pertaining to effective campus operations. This includes resource needs, implementation and assessment of campus strategy progress, security, and other matters that impact daily operations. Individually, members provide functional area leadership, insights, and direction to the planning process as it relates to their area of responsibility.

Carol Branson
Director, Office of Communications and Marketing
Phone: 812.348.7377 | E-mail:
Office: LC Room 1206
Naomi Cohenour, M.B.A.
Executive Director, Office of Administration and Finance
Phone: 812.348.7365 | E-mail:
Office: CC Room 157B
Gary Felsten, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Phone: 812.348.7274 | E-mail:
Office: CC Room 249
Reinhold Hill, PhD
Vice Chancellor and Dean
Phone: 812.348.7226 | E-mail:
Office: CC Room 255
Joe Heltzel
Interim Director of Enrollment Management
Phone: 812.348.7277 | E-mail:
Office: CC Room 156B
Sandra Miles, Ph.D.
Director, Office of Student Affairs
Dean of Students
Phone: 812.375.7525 | E-mail:
Office: LC Room 1305
Matt Souza, J.D.
Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor and Dean for Strategy
Phone: 812.348.7238 | E-mail:
Office: CC Room 255
Beth Van Gordon
Chief Information Officer
Phone: 317.274.3022 | E-mail:
Office: LC Room 1519
Brenda Vogel
Director, Office of Development and External Affairs
Phone: 812.348.7387 | E-mail:
Office: LC Room 2107

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