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If you are experiencing difficulty with a library computer or printer, please report it to a library staff member at the Information Desk or e-mail



Those who use University Library of Columbus printers should be aware of our printing policies.


  • Black and white printing costs $.05 per page.
  • Color printing costs $.25 per page.
  • All IUPUC students are given a credit of $2.70 per credit hour enrolled to cover the cost of printing.
  • Extra printing credits may be purchased at the library's Information Desk.
  • Payments can be made in cash, check or billed through your bursar account.

How to Print

1.  From the print window or menu, select one of these printers:
  • CO_LC1600_BW (black & white)
  • LC-1600 Color (color)

2. All IUPUC students will need their IUPUC student ID to release their print jobs.

3.  Swipe your student ID card, and a list of all jobs you've sent to the printer will appear.

4.  Select the job(s) you wish to print and touch "Print."

5.  When finished, click "Log Off."

6.  Log-off the computer after you have completed all of your printing needs.

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