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If your student group, club, or organization has questions about fundraising guidelines, please contact the Office of Student Involvement at 812.375.7525.


Funds & Fundraising

Student organizations can raise money for campus programs, trips, and related activities at IUPUC by following these fundraising guidelines.


Fundraising includes all events and activities where funds are raised or collected by an organization, excluding membership fees or dues. This includes the solicitation of goods, services, or monetary donations.

  • Only organizations registered with and recognized by the Office of Student Involvement may engage in fundraising activities.
  • All fundraising must be approved by the Office of Student Involvement at least two (2) weeks prior to the fundraising event.
  • Registered student organizations are permitted to have three (3) fundraisers per year, but no more than two (2) fundraisers per semester.
  • Fundraising activities involving the sale of apparel or promotional items printed with official university logos for Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus, Indiana University, and/or Purdue University must comply with the university’s official brand standards. Companies from whom these items are purchased must be approved IU vendors.
  • Fliers, posters, brochures, and other marketing material promoting the fundraising activities to external (i.e., off-campus) audiences, must be also be appropriately branded and comply with the university's brand standards. Please contact the Office of Communications & Marketing for production assistance with marketing and promotional materials for distribution to off-campus audiences.
  • Bake sales, 50/50 drawings, raffles, and other gambling activities are prohibited.
  • Fundraising activities are also subject to facility reservation requirements (i.e., if you plan to hold an event on campus you must reserve the meeting room or other campus facility in advance).

If your organization plans to raise a large sum of money, contact the Office of Student Involvement to establish a separate banking account outside the university.

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