Course Descriptions

PSY-G 502 Professional Orientation and Ethics (3 cr.)   This course is a survey of psychological and educational foundations for counseling and guidance, including counseling theories, practices, and organization.

PSY-G 505 Individual Appraisal: Principles and Procedures (3 cr.)   This course is an analysis of statistical, psychometric, sociometric, and clinical principles crucial to professional interpretation of standardized and informal data regarding individual clients. Current issues/controversies about ethnic, gender, cultural, and individual differences will be examined. Note:  Lab fees apply.

PSY-G 514 Lifespan Development (3 cr.)   This course is a survey of human development from infancy through old age, emphasizing the life span perspective of development.

PSY-G 520 Research in Counseling (3 cr.)   This course explores how research is planned and conducted in mental health counseling. Thus, the instructor will cover research methodology, design, and statistical procedures. Students will critique various peer-reviewed journal articles on design, statistical procedures, data analysis, and conclusions. Students will also acquire the necessary skills to integrate contemporary mental health counseling research into their clinical decision-making process.

PSY-G 522 Counseling Theories (3 cr.)  [P:Psy G502]   This course analyzes and evaluates mental health counseling theories while focusing on social/environmental impacts, research, human diversity and gender issues. This course facilitates the student’s ability to create necessary and sufficient conditions for therapeutic change.

PSY-G 523 Laboratory in Counseling (3 cr.)   This course provides closely supervised counseling experiences, i.e., analysis of interviews and role-playing, in a laboratory setting.

PSY-G 524 Practicum in Counseling  (3 cr.)  [P:PSY-G502, PSY-G522, PSY-G523 & PSY-G575]   This course offers experiential training in providing counseling services to clients. It includes intensive supervision and instruction to help students develop basic clinical competencies in preparation for their internship experiences. The goal is to help students develop professionalism and proficiency at conceptualizing cases and counseling techniques.  Note:  Lab fees apply.

PSY-G 532 Introduction to Group Counseling (3 cr.)   This course introduces students to group counseling. Students will be exposed to a combination of didactic information about groups along with clinical training/skills building that will prepare future group leaders.

PSY-G 550 Internship in Counseling  (3 cr.)  [P:PSY G505 & PSY G524]   This course expands the experiential training students received in practicum. The course provides a continuing opportunity to apply theory to practice in mental health counseling under direct clinical supervision. Students will engage in a variety of professional activities performed by regularly employed counseling professionals in the setting.  Note:  Lab fees apply.  

PSY-G 552 Career Counseling and Developmentt (2 cr.)   This course covers theories, techniques, and information resources for enhancing vocational development across the lifespan; and facilitating client problem-solving and decision-making related to maintaining balance among work, family, and leisure roles. Students will develop a knowledge base concerning objective and projective methods for exploring and assessing career client interests, skills, and values that inform clients making reasoned career and lifestyle decisions. Current issues/controversies related to ethics, sociocultural factors, and individual differences in career counseling will be examined.  Note:  Lab fees apply.

PSY-G 553 Career Counseling Lab (1 cr.)  [P:or C: Psy G552]   This course provides the practical application of career counseling theories, techniques, and information resources with clients seeking services from the university and greater community. Under close supervision by faculty and/or staff, students will use objective and projective methods to assess the interests, skills, and values of these clients. Students will relate codes of ethical practice, understanding of sociocultural factors, and knowledge of individual differences to individual career and lifestyle counseling cases.

PSY-G 563 Foundations of Mental Health Counseling (3 cr.)   This course explores the foundations and contextual dimensions of mental health counseling. Course material will include theoretical underpinnings of mental health counseling, the counselor’s role in diagnosis and intervention selection, and the contemporary trends in mental health counseling.

PSY-G 567 Introduction to Marriage and Family Counseling (3 cr.)  [P:PSY-G502, PSY-G522, & PSY-G523]   This course analyzes the historical context, theoretical formulations, counseling techniques/strategies, research findings, treatment issues, and ethical/social concerns in couple and family counseling. This course will focus on the foundational principles of couple and family therapy, its traditional theoretical models, and the more contemporary evidence-based approaches.

PSY-G 575 Multicultural Counseling (3 cr.)   This course evaluates the influence of cultural and diversity factors in counseling theory, research, and practice. The course challenges students to critically examine culture as a multifaceted concept that permeates all levels of human development and experiences. Students will develop skills to evaluate the ways in which their own identities shape their personal and professional lives.

PSY-G 598 Seminar in Professional Issues (3 cr.)  [P:PSY-G502, PSY-G522, PSY-G523, PSY-G524 and PSY-G575]   The course provides students with knowledge, skills and experience to thrive in their professional lives. The course will critically evaluate contemporary trends in the field of mental health counseling and analyze professional development from a historical perspective while focusing on social environmental impacts, research, human diversity and gender issues.

PSY-G 615 Psychopathology, Psychodiagnostics, and Treatment I  (3 cr.)  [P: PSY-G505, PSY-G524]   This course emphasizes the current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and integrates etiology, assessment (administration, scoring, and interpretation), diagnosis, prevention, and treatment (evidence based practices and adjunctive use of psychopharmacology) of mental disorders. This course is the first course in a 2-semester sequence.

PSY-G 616 Psychopathology, Psychodiagnostics, and Treatment II  (3 cr.)  [P:PSY-G615]   This course emphasizes the current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and integrates etiology, assessment (administration, scoring, and interpretation), diagnosis, prevention, and treatment (evidence based practices and adjunctive use of psychopharmacology) of mental disorders. This course is the second course in a 2-semester sequence. 

PSY-G 622 Advanced Theories of Counseling (3 cr.)  [P:PSY-G524 & PSY-G575]   This course reviews the principles of evidence-based practices and the integration of science and practice in counseling. The course assists students in articulating the theoretical approach that directs their work with clients and integrates methods to determine or measure counseling effectiveness. The course reviews counseling practices for diverse populations and/or problems.

PSY-G 645 Consultation and Organizational Development (3 cr.)  [P:PSY-G502, PSY-G522, PSY-G523, & PSY-G524]   This course reviews theories, models, and processes of change in human systems and organizations. Special attention is directed to applying theory to practice and to differentiating between human and structural problems and interventions.  

PSY-G 647 Advanced Internship (3 cr.)  [P:Completion of 600 hours in PSY-G550]   This course expands the training students received in internship (PSY-G550) by providing students with supervised training that focuses and develops competencies in various areas of mental health counseling. This course satisfies the state licensure requirement for an advanced internship for Licensed Mental Health Counselors.  Note:  Lab fees apply.

PSY-G 699 Independent Study in Mental Health Counseling (1-3 cr.)   This course provides students with an in-depth independent study on a subject mutually agreed upon by the student and instructor.  Learning objectives, course activities and assignments are determined by the instructor.

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