Faculty Mentors

These faculty mentors are important members of the first-year experience (FYE) team because they truly want to help you be successful. They are available to chat, offer advice, direct you to other faculty or staff who might be good resources, and just be a friend when you need encouragement and support.

Faculty mentors can counsel you about exploring your career options, including courses and degree options. They can help you obtain appropriate tutoring and other services, find an internship in your career field, and more.

Learn more about these mentors and reach out to one or more of them over the course of your studies. These faculty are experts in their fields—and they are good folks to boot!

Img Office: CC Room 151
Phone: 812.348.7213
E-mail: acarmon@iupuc.edu

Originally from northern Connecticut, I have a BA in advertising from Marist College, an MA in communication from Illinois State University, and a PhD in communication studies from North Dakota State University. I thoroughly enjoy exposing students to the broad discipline of communication studies and explaining how it relates to their everyday lives. I teach an assortment of communication studies courses such as public speaking, principles of interviewing, communication theory, communication research methods, family communication, intercultural communication, and organizational communication. My research interests include family communication with family businesses and how family communication affects the development and maintenance of family relationships. In my free time, I enjoy reading, biking, sewing, and cooking/baking. I have an almost-three-year-old Yorkie puppy, who rules our home in Columbus.

Img Office: CC Room 100
Phone: 812.348.7270
E-mail: juligood@iupuc.edu

I believe a person is very fortunate who gets to do what she loves. And maybe a person is fortunate if she gets to wear a lot of hats, especially if they are important (and stylish!) ones. I am an associate professor of English and director of the Office of Student Research at IUPUC. I also serve on Indiana University's system-wide Undergraduate Research Committee, which represents all IU campuses. My passion is for literature and the teaching of it. I care an enormous amount about my students and student success in general. My profession—my career—is predicated on teaching and researching literature and writing, and I am very passionate about it (especially, I might add, women’s literature, modernist literature, and modern and contemporary American literature). Although I mostly teach non-English majors and minors, I have to say that my not-so-secret (now) agenda is to see an even greater interest in literature from students (which, to paraphrase Horace and to add my own spin, literature delights us and instructs us on all of the important things in life). Regardless of major or minor, IUPUC students continue to impress me, and I continue to learn with and from them.

Img Office: RC Room 104B
Phone: 812.348.7205
E-mail: blhassja@iupuc.edu

Originally a farm kid from mid-Michigan, I studied biology and all things winter at Michigan Technological University in the upper peninsula of Michigan. I went on to receive a Ph.D. in plant biology and genetics from Purdue University where I also met my husband, a Columbus native. After working in a research lab at Purdue for a number of years, I came to IUPUC to focus on teaching. While here, I’ve taught biology, science, and genetics courses for both majors and non-majors. I love seeing students discover new things and I learn new things from my students every semester. One of the things I like about teaching at IUPUC is the ability to get to know each one of my students and interact with them on a more personal level. In my free time, I enjoy gardening and growing house plants, rubber-stamping crafts, counted cross-stitch, and being a mom to my five-year-old daughter.

Img Office: CC Room 144
Phone: 812.348.7256
E-mail: jpoulsen@iupuc.edu

I grew up mostly in Fort Wayne, IN and earned my psychology degrees at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne and Michigan State University. I teach an assortment of classes including introductory psychology, social psychology, research methods, and the psychology capstone course at IUPUC. My favorite part of being a professor is helping students recognize and build upon their potential, particularly in student research projects. My research focuses on two major areas. First, I aim to understand the process of exclusion within families and how it changes people; second, I seek to understand how both personality and life experiences play a role in creating and reducing prejudice, particularly the prejudice against disability and overweight individuals. I embrace many hobbies. Fitness is a huge part of my life. I take cardio kickboxing classes, lift weights, and do many of the major cycling events in the Columbus area (Girlfriend Ride, Hope Ride, etc.). I love cooking and sometimes share this hobby with my classes and colleagues. I am the leader for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop and we have lots of fun together. Finally, I enjoy reading many types of books and watching action/fantasy genre films.

Img Office: CC Room 133
Phone: 812.348.7323
E-mail: youngsml@iupuc.edu

I’m originally from western New York and studied mathematics at Indiana University. I teach a wide range of math courses including introductory algebra, pre-calculus, finite, calculus, as well as math courses for scientists and engineers offered at IUPUC. I enjoy seeing students grow and succeed, and have been rewarded by my relationships with students. My research interests include mathematical fluid dynamics. I consider physical models using mathematics and analyze solutions to these models. In my free time, I garden both indoors and outdoors. I’ve had an interest in horticulture since I was a child. Though I’m often behind the curve, I appreciate discussing TV shows and movies. I also experiment with new foods from all over the country and world, even though I’m still somewhat of a picky eater.

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