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If you have questions about student teaching at IUPUC, need more information about applying for your placement, or want a personal appointment to discussion your options, please contact:

  • Karen Garrity, M.S.
    Visiting Lecturer & Coordinator of Student Teaching
    Indiana University–Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC)
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Student Teaching

The culmination of your studies in the Teacher Education Program (TEP)  is a student teaching experience.

You will complete at least one student teaching placement in a general K–6 elementary education classroom. You will complete this placement during Block III of the TEP, which is your next-to-last semester in the program. Your second student teaching placement, during Block IV, will be determined by your license addition or area of concentration.

  • If you chose a license addition in special education, your second student teaching placement will be in a K–6 classroom with an emphasis in this area.
  • If you select one of the other two concentration options, your second placement will be in a general elementary (K–6) classroom.


During your student teaching, you and about 20 students from your cohort will observe and practice the art of teaching with professionals in actual classrooms. You will be exposed to different instructional styles, teacher-student interactions, and classroom management strategies.

  • You will put the theories, concepts, and knowledge you’ve gained through your coursework into practice in classrooms throughout Bartholomew County and surrounding areas.
  • You also have the option to complete a Global Gateway for Teachers experience as part of your student teaching experience. If you choose to participate in this option, you will complete a student teaching assignment in another part of the U.S. or overseas. This option is available through and administered by the Indiana University School of Education in Bloomington.

Applying for Placement

Apply for your student teaching placement during Block II, which is usually during your second semester in the TEP. Student teaching application packets are due at the beginning of Block II.

  • If you complete Block II in the fall, submit your packet by 4 p.m. on the third Friday in September.
  • If you complete Block II in the spring, submit your packet by 4 p.m. on the fourth Friday in January.

Follow these directions for applying to student teaching to compile your packet and complete related forms.

  • All application packets MUST be complete. Partial packets will not be accepted or considered.
  • You are only guaranteed a student teaching placement if you submit a complete application by the required due date.

Deliver completed application packets to Karen Garrity, coordinator of student teaching, in CC Room 155.


The Student Teaching Handbook contains detailed information you need regarding your student teaching experience. The handbook outlines responsibilities, policies, timelines, and the student teaching evaluation process. It also includes important student teaching forms (which are also posted on our forms page so you can easily download and duplicate them.


During your student teaching experience, you will be assigned an IUPUC (university) supervisor and a supervising classroom teacher.

Both of your supervisors will use specific measurement rubrics appropriate for your student teaching placement to evaluate your teaching performance. You can review these rubrics on the forms page.

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